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Klevgrand Updates DAW Cassette to Version 1.1





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Klevgrand Updates DAW Cassette

Klevgrand given some love to one of their favourite plugins, DAW Cassette.

dawcassette hires plug
Klevgrand Updates DAW Cassette to Version 1.1 4

The plugin has now completely new backside with a settings panel which includes Bleed amount (crosstalk between channels), Tape head tilt angle, noise gain and type and a Four-band peak EQ. We’ve also put together some presets to get the tape spinning. Speaking of the spinning tape, the tape head now spins in the correct direction (!).

DAW Cassette v1.1

  • Added a new settings panel
  • Bleed amount (crosstalk between channels)
  • Tape head tilt angle
  • Noise gain and type
  • Four-band peak EQ
  • Now includes a few presets
  • Various optimizations
  • Tape head now spins in correct direction (!)
dawcassette hires mbp
Klevgrand Updates DAW Cassette to Version 1.1 5

The update is of course free for all DAW Cassette owners.

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