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New Modley v1.1 by Klevgrand is Available




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Version 1.1 of Modley, Klevgrand’s Multi-FX Delay. The module arsenal got some additions: Klevgrand added a Bitcrusher insert effect and a Stereo width insert effect (Klevgrand calls it Stereoid). The filter inserts now feature a bandpass type, and the Pitcher insert now has a range option. Also added is a new Feedback mode, which controls the behavior of loop inserted effects.

Modley v1.1

  • Added a Bitcrusher insert effect
  • Added a Stereo width control insert (Stereoid)
  • New Feedback mode which controls the behaviour of loop insert effect
  • The filter insert now features a bandpass type
  • The Pitch insert now has a range knob
  • Fixed a bug where slow synced delays could be out of sync
  • Various improvements

The update is of course free for all Modley owners.

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