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PreSonus Fat Channel & Faderport Review & Tutorial




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PreSonus Fat Channel & Faderport Review & Tutorial

In this video, we will take a look at the 16 channel control surface from PreSonus, the Faderport 16.

It is the biggest brother of the Faderport series, including the original, single-channel Faderport, the middle point, the Faderport 8 and of course, the most detailed panel that we are looking at in this video, the Faderport 16.

But why would you want a PreSonus Faderport 16 production controller? Well, if you are growing out mixing with a mouse or you are really getting into designing your own synth presets, this is a goto stop.

Not only can you mix with this surface, you can also control your plugins, without any drivers. Having 16 faders make a very great tool for someone trying to advance their mix or production.

PreSonus 16 Faderport does not just want to be your go-to mixer, it wants to be the goto controller as well.

You can control your mixer track input gains, volume, different send volumes, different ques, first and third-party plugins and by pressing the shift button, you can even go through multiple pages of different parameters, not limiting yourself to just 16, which to begin with is a decent amount.

With the 4.5.5 version update for Studio One, PreSonus Faderport 16 becomes a powerhouse, a single tool for all of your needs.

Based on the DAW you prefer using, the way you use Fadeport might differ, as different DAW have shown to react differently.

On Pro Tools, Faderport 16 is recognised as two banks of 8 channels, which you can set up quite easily, while on Logic Pro X, it automatically populates as a control unit with an extender and on the Mixbus 32C it sets up like any other mixer and works best in the Studio One, native mode.

So it really depends on your setup, but rest assured, no matter what you use, Faderport 16 will work like a charm.

But in this PreSonus Faderport 16 review, we will mainly look at the hardware with PreSonus Studio One, which is the prime DAW to use Faderport with.

As the Studio One 4.5.5 brings all the amazing features to the mixer. The Faderport 16 price comes at around $900, making it decently priced piece of hardware.

But let us look at the hardware itself, what do you get on the surface? Well, let’s start with the obvious, what the name highlights the most, the 16 individual faders that are mechanised, going up and down to their positions with a click of a button, fast and efficient.

It is definitely satisfying to look at. On the right of the surface, that’s where your controls reside, The pause, stop and record buttons, with skip forward and back buttons.

Just above these, you will find a knob for ease of control, channel, zoom, scroll, bank, click, marker buttons. A very useful shift button, that you will use quite a bit, VCA, Bus, Pan, Send buttons and much more.

Every single fader also has a mute and solo buttons and a select button.

Not to mention, with the 16 faders you also get 16 small displays, that will show you important information and will help to navigate the software side of the hardware itself.

For ease of use, the shift button that controls a bunch of functionality is found both on the left and the right side, so no discrimination for the left-handed workers out there.

Also, just so you don’t have to go over every channel you muted or soloed out, there are the solo and mute clear buttons. All of this combined makes for a competent and nice production control surface.

The most important thing is that with 104 different functions you can access on the Presonus Faderport 16 daw mix control surface you can work just with the controller alone.

You don’t need your mouse, you don’t need your keyboard. With support with most DAWs, no need for drivers and a wide array of functionality, it’s a great choice if you are looking for a production controller.

Have you enjoyed our Faderport 16 review? Are you thinking about getting it for your own setup? Let us know!

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