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THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 2 is the flagship of Sonuscore’s “The Orchestra” (see our The Orchestra by Best Service / Sonuscore Review) product family combining the force of the original 80-piece orchestra with new articulations and powerful new features. It includes Sonuscore new instrument HORNS OF HELL as well as STRINGS OF WINTER.

With THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 2, Sonuscore brings you a huge upgrade, including Sonuscore brand-new instrument HORNS OF HELL. More than 475 playable orchestrations and patterns, more than 200 single instrument patches, and more features. From shining brilliance to the ultimate inferno – THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 2 expands the range of THE ORCHESTRA far beyond its natural borders – in all directions.

HORNS OF HELL is Sonuscore brand-new and massive brass, organ, and percussion library, including a total of 67 varied articulations. It features absolutely unique and earth-shattering sections, like Sonuscore mighty Tenor Horns, their profoundly diabolic Evil Brass, or our massive Organ. It includes Sonuscore much anticipated MIDI-Export feature and the brand-new Preset Browser.

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  • Breakthrough Ensemble Engine
  • Play freely or create stunning orchestral colors with simple chords
  • Complete set of standard articulations for all instruments
  • True Legato Interval Sampling
  • 478 ready-to-go ensemble presets
  • 230 Multi-Rack Patches
  • 14.3GB of data (18.2GB uncompressed)
  • 24500+ individual Samples
  • Fast loading times

Pricing and Availability

THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 2 is available now, existing customer which already own The Orchestra or The Orchestra Complete 1 can upgrade for a reduced price.

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