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LP24 Audio – IDM Masters




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LP24 Audio – IDM Masters

LP24 is extremely proud to present our latest release IDM MASTERS (Affiliate Link), featuring 450 loops and one-shots for modern electronic music stylings including IDM, techno, electro, and experimental electronica. Inside you’ll find powerful, razor edge sound designs interwoven with cerebral musical experiences. This collection is directly inspired by the legends: Jon Hopkins, Max Cooper, Christian Löffler, Kiasmos, Moderat, and other modern electronic music pioneers.

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Masterful electronic artists all have one thing in common; their music surrounds you with an all-encompassing listener experience. IDM Masters builds on this idea, providing an astonishingly grand collection of sounds appropriate for the dance floor or a sit down listening experience. Each sound and musical idea has been engineered from the ground up to inspire your music creation process.

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The average loop length of IDM MASTERS (Affiliate Link) is around 25 seconds and each longer loop is an evolving performance. Some loops even cross the one minute mark, transforming the listening experience over the duration. Longer files feature automation, musical changes, and special sonic detailing because we all know the best electronic music needs the human touch.

Tell your musical story using this one of a kind masterful collection today!

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