Abstract Sounds – Minimal House

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 25 August 2020
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Abstract Sounds – Minimal House

The Minimal House (Affiliate Link) pack from Abstract Sounds is composed of professionally created samples that will allow producers to focus on only one thing: the creative musical process. The Abstract Sounds packs are not just a tool, they are a producer’s best friend.

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Abstract Sounds - Minimal House 4

Abstract Sounds Minimal House (Affiliate Link) includes an outstanding mixture of percussive and melodic loops, for a total of 200 files. Musically, they are clearly inspired by artists such as So Inagawa, Chris Stussy, Toman to name a few and those samples will become key elements for everyone interested in exploring the complex and forward-thinking world of these artists and similar.

The team at Abstract Sounds has carefully prepared these packs in Minimal House (Affiliate Link), including the right balance of digital and analog instruments. The melodic lines/sounds have been created using synths like Moog, Peak, Minilogue, MicroFreak, and other modular synthesizers, as well as other plug-ins and VSTs. Drum Machines and percussive sounds are a product of machines such as the Elektron Model:Cycles or the Digitakt whilst the Kick Drums and their unique edge come from the Vermona Kick Lancet. Layers and textures have been recorded with a Tascam DR-05x.

The imaginary of Abstract Sounds is inspired by the best underground vinyl releases from labels like Perlon, Yoyaku, PIV, EASTENDERZ & Cabaret and our purpose is to transmit this sound to your productions. This is why all the samples are professionally produced, aiming at taking your productions to the next level.

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Abstract Sounds - Minimal House 5

All sample content 100% royalty-free. All files in WAV (44.1 kHz, 24-bit) format. You can use all samples in Minimal House (Affiliate Link) in any DAW (Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Cubase, etc).

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Abstract Sounds - Minimal House 6

Keep an eye on more sample packs from Abstract Sounds.

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