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DABRO Music – Lofi Hip-Hop Samples 2




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DABRO Music – Lofi Hip-Hop Samples 2

DABRO Music are proud to present their second installment of Lofi Hip-Hop Samples 2 (Affiliate Link). Full of vintage analog pianos, dusty bass guitars and upright basses, and jazz and blues retro guitars.

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DABRO Music – Lofi Hip-Hop Samples 2 3

In detail expect to find in Lofi Hip-Hop Samples 2 (Affiliate Link) 691 MB of 44.1kHz/24-Bit samples at 90 BPM including 227 Loops with 35 Drum Loops, 36 Top Loops, 31 Kick and Snare Loops, 53 Music Loops, 31 Bass Loops, 41 Guitar Loops. 111 Hits are included 67 Drum Hits, 27 Instrument Hits, 17 Fx. You also get Bass and Melody MIDI in a total of 79 files for even more flexibility.

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