Sound Particles Indie Sale

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 2 September 2020
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Sound Particles Indie – Audio Editor by Sound Particles

Sound Particles a sound design software being used on all major Hollywood studios and top video game companies globally.

Imagine that you want to create the sound of a battlefield with Sound Particles. You could create 10.000 particles (sound sources), spread them over a square mile, pick 50 war-related sounds from your sound library and render the entire scene with a virtual microphone (5.1, Dolby Atmos 9.1 bed, etc.).

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Sound Particles is an audio software application capable of generating thousands (even millions) of sounds in a virtual 3D audio world. Sound Particles is something completely different from any other professional 3D audio software that exists today.

Sound Particles Indie Sale
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Sound Particles uses the concept of computer graphics, but for audio: each particle represents a 3D sound source (instead of a 3D object) and a virtual microphone captures the virtual sound of the particles (instead of the virtual CGI camera).

Sound Particles Speaker set
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This immersive audio application will enable you to create highly complex sounds on the fly, which will ultimately enable you to create new sounds better and faster than ever. Sound Particles has been nominated for an ‘Outstanding Product’ award by the Cinema Audio Society. This is the Indie version of Sound Particles – the Sound Particles Pro (Affiliate Link) is also available, which includes the Doppler + Air plugins.

About Sound Particles

With a vision to use the power of computer graphics applied to sound, Sound Particles is an audio software house based in Leiria, Portugal. Sound Particles was founded by Nuno Fonseca Ph.D., a Computer Science and Music Technology university professor, and now counts with a team of more than 15 people.

Sound Particles’ unique software, used in all major Hollywood studios and top videogame companies, allows sound artists to create breathtaking immersive soundscapes in innovative and efficient ways.

Pricing and Availability

Save 20% off the Indie version and buy now for only £299.95 / $319, exclusively at Plugin Boutique (Affiliate Link).

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