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TAL-Chorus-LX Video Review




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TAL-Chorus-LX Video Review

To start off – It’s Free! TAL are known for many of their great plugins. The best part? A bunch of their plugins are free and are great choices even in comparison to paid plugins. TAL has definitely carved a place for themselves in the industry and you don’t even need to commit to a license to experience their greatness.

In this video, we’ll take a look at a very simple but effective plugin from TAL – the Chorus LX, a plugin version of the Chorus, from the Roland Juno.

TAL is a small and wonderful company in Switzerland, that creates high-quality effects and instruments and keeps the price in check. Around two-thirds of their plugins library is free and available for you to download right now and the plugins that do have a price tag are more than reasonably priced, barely reaching $50.

TAL software has been widely adopted in the industry and is known for it’s authentic and high quality vintage sound. So if you’re looking for an analogue sound in your digital production process, there’s no better place to look.

So why should you check out this free chorus VST? Well, it’s very simple and effective. Setting one widens the sound as in a great imaging tool to widen the sound of your instruments and recording.

The second, and only other option on the plugin, is a more chorus like preset, which emulates the original Roland Juno chorus – but it doesn’t end there, select both of those bad boys and you’re creating wonderful vintage-sounding progressions and licks without the mess, as the TAL Chorus LX is not emulating the noise that the original synth produced, which might sound as a possible negative to some, it allows you the freedom to add the noise after the fact (unfortunately not with the TAL Chorus LX itself, but it’s definitely better than having to deal with the noise if you didn’t want to).

And it’s pretty much it! The TAL Chorus is really just that simple. It’s a simple chorus VST, that delivers one of the most iconic chorus effects you’ll hear in classic records and as mentioned it’s a free chorus VST, which you can’t really complain about, even if the effect is not what you expected, it’s Free. Chorus software is widely varied in quality when it comes to what it delivers and we love this one. Is it the best free chorus VST? Well, it’s definitely lxfree.

While mentioning the Roland Juno, you can’t miss that TAL TAL is also known for its VST version of the famous synth the Togu Audio Line TAL U NO LX. Which is a wonderful VST if you’re looking for what the Roland Juno had to offer in the form of a VST.

It’s a completely rewritten emulation of the Juno 60, zero feedback delay filters, controls carefully calibrated to make the synth the best replacement for the analogue classic – and what’s even better – we have a video on it, so make sure to check it out!

If you want a free version, you can always take a look at the TAL-U-No-62, which is the free predecessor to TAL-U-No-LX. It’s a polyphonic virtual analogue synth that used the Juno 60 as a reference for its oscillators and filters.

And it’s just the start to the impressive list of 6 paid and 11 free plugins you can find on the TAL website. Including such plugins as the TAL Filter 2, which we also made a video on, Tal Elek7ro, a free virtual analogue synth with oscillator hard sync and frequency modulation, TAL BassLine, a free virtual analogue bass synthesizer, TAL Dub (which we also made a video about), a free vintage style delay effect and much much more.

Do you know any other great free chorus plugins? Any other LX free plugins? Well, we think the Chorus LX is definitely the best chorus plugin for achieving the effect of the Roland Juno chorus settings.

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