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Loopcloud – Collingwood Cymbals Vol 3

Loopmasters are proud to present Collingwood Cymbals Vol. 3 (Affiliate Link). This third collection of totally unique cymbal sounds has been lovingly recorded directly from the unique Collingwood collection.

Collingwood Cymbals are hand-made by independent cymbal smith Dave Collingwood in Bristol, UK. Using the finest quality Turkish cymbal blanks, Dave hand-hammers and lathes each cymbal from start to finish to produce unique, dynamic cymbals aimed at drummers worldwide who favor instruments possessing musicality and depth of character.

Teaming up with producer Joseph Flanagan, this third pack Collingwood Cymbals Vol. 3 (Affiliate Link) was recorded with studio owner Ali Chant (PJ Harvey, KT Tunstall, Portishead) and put his Trident TSM console to good use. Each hit was recorded using an AKG C414.

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Loopcloud – Collingwood Cymbals Vol 3 Demo

The library Collingwood Cymbals Vol. 3 (Affiliate Link) includes a wide variety of strokes that bring out the different timbres these diverse percussive instruments have to offer, from light bell strokes to hard-hitting crashes. Also included are several unique and unconventional textural samples that explore other creative ways the instrument can be performed.

In detail, expect to find in Collingwood Cymbals Vol. 3 (Affiliate Link) 30 cymbal hits and 17 cymbal textures.

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