RootOne – Multi-band Subharmonics Generator & Shaper for Complete Low-end Control

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 2 September 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

RootOne – Multi-Effect by Leapwing Audio

Don’t compromise on your low-end. RootOne (Affiliate Link) is designed from the ground up as a new way to generate and shape subharmonic frequencies. Traditional subharmonics generators use a band-passed pitch-shifted signal, resulting in a sense of detachment from the original sound. The developer of RootOne wanted to acquire a new approach for generating low frequencies, and Leapwing created their own analysis-synthesis algorithm, which allows users to generate the cleanest subharmonics possible, phase-aligned with the original sound.

Leapwing set out to create the cleanest low-end possible, phase-aligned with the original, making the result sound like it comes from one source. RootOne comes with 3 low-frequency bands at custom crossover frequencies. Each band will look for a frequency an octave above the selected band, and after carefully analysing amplitude and phase, it then generates a clean sound within that band.

RootOne Features

  • Unique Subharmonics Generator: Proprietary algorithm that generates the cleanest low frequencies.
  • Pitch Follower and Phase Alignment: Instead of simply pitch-shifting the signal, Leapwing use advanced analytics to generate subharmonics that are phase-aligned with the source.
  • Full Harmonics Shaping: The saturation module allows you to shape those midrange harmonics, allowing them to cut through on smaller speakers.
  • Ultimate dynamics, drive, and decay control: Immense control to shape your newly generated subharmonics.
  • Simple yet Beautiful Design: Beautiful resizable Retina interface with unique design, focused on the optimal workflow.

Phase Aligned Subharmonics Generator

Traditional subharmonics generators use a band-passed pitch-shifted signal, which often results in a disconnection from the original sound. Leapwing therefore opted to develop their own pitch & phase tracking algorithm and combined that with a clean signal generator. 

Full Control over Saturation, Dynamics, and Decay

A 4th saturation band allows you to create lower midrange harmonics, giving you full control over the tone and sound of your low-end. Each of the low frequency bands also has control over dynamics, decay and drive.

Easy to Use and Intuitive GUI

Leapwing aims to build plugins that sound good from the moment you start using them, not having to waste precious creative time. Leapwing spent countless hours of R&D time to look at the best ways of visualizing all the bands so you can tweak everything intuitively.

About Leapwing Audio

Leapwing Audio loves analog and they love digital. Leapwing Audio also recognise that there are things you can’t do in the analog domain and understand that focus is key. You will not find us creating analog imitations. There are other companies that do this very well. The company want to solely focus on tools that use the strength of digital to shape and improve the sound.

Pricing and Availability

RootOne (Affiliate Link) is available at our partner Plugin Boutique.

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