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RV Samplepacks – RV Drill




RV DRILL 1000 X 512

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RV Samplepacks – RV Drill

RV Samplepacks present RV Drill (Affiliate Link), a heavy collection of deep and dirty beats that will keep your sound contemporary in today’s heavily drill-influenced rap music market. Deriving its sound from a combination of beat styles, this is a must-have for drill enthusiasts on either side of the Atlantic!

RV DRILL 1000 X 512
RV Samplepacks – RV Drill 5

RV Drill is packed with well over 600 MB worth of heavy-duty artillery, with cavernous 808 basses leading the charge & ready to rattle chests. Punchy drum loops help to anchor down your rhythm section alongside the included percussion sounds.

Lay upon your foundations with the included phat synths, thick pad loops, vibey keys, immersive FX, and much more to ensure your beat is saturated with interest and flavor. Vocalists will be instantly inspired by your beats after you draw some sonics from this collection!

RV DRILL 300 x 250
RV Samplepacks – RV Drill 6

At tempos between 68-72bpm, this collection RV Drill (Affiliate Link) is perfect for UK & US Drill, alongside trap and any other new-era hip-hop styles.

In detail, expect to find in RV Drill (Affiliate Link) 662 MB of content, with all audio recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 65 drum part loops, 30 synth loops, 24 drum loops, 24 percussion loops, 12 bass loops, 8 keys loops, 7 pad loops, 6 arp loops, 6 fx loops, 6 vocal loops, 3 strings loops, 1 guitar loop and 12 fx.

RV Samplepacks – RV Drill 7

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