Ghost Syndicate – Spiders

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 7 September 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Ghost Syndicate – Spiders

Ghost Syndicate is here to give you a warning: SPIDERS are out, and we hope your arachnophobia isn’t too bad, cause this time around you’ll have to really face up to your deepest fears. 

GS Spiders mid tempo sounds 512 web
Ghost Syndicate - Spiders 5

SPIDERS (Affiliate Link) is a mid-tempo bass music sample back whose genre identity is hard to pin down, but whose character is easily visualized as a lightless den of creeping arachnids, skulking all over, weaving their perilous webs, and waiting to jump out and sink their venom-soaked fangs inside their unassuming prey.

Ghost Syndicate - Spiders 6
Ghost Syndicate – Spiders Demo

That send the chills down your spine yet? If yes, then it turned out just as we planned, for that would mean that the images behind these samples have found their way into the darkest corners of your soul. And it’s no coincidence that with SPIDERS’ predatory sonics, you’ll be able to do just that, and much more, to your listener.

Ghost Syndicate - Spiders 7

Inspired by artists like Rezz, 1788-L, Blanke and others, SPIDERS (Affiliate Link) offers a heavy-paced & warlike aspect of what bass music can sound like.

You’ve got fat synthetic kicks & whopping snares to get the beat going; blaring distorted tops & mad pumping cymbals; the above constitutes a solid a rhythmic foundation for the unrelenting predacious bass grooves that vary from voracious technoid stabs to deafening floor-filling distorted subs; a selection of stuttering synthetic shrieks, wails, and bawls; and all that just wouldn’t be the same without a range of music/groove loops.

Ghost Syndicate - Spiders 8
RV DRILL 1000 X 512

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