Blind Audio – Foundation – 808 Drums

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 15 September 2020
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Blind Audio – Foundation – 808 Drums

We all know that a great drum library is never truly complete without a decent collection of 808 hits. This legendary drum machine is a staple in modern music production; it’s been used by countless producers and it’s presence is instantly recognised in thousands of famous tracks.

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Blind Audio - Foundation - 808 Drums 4

This is why Blind Audio is more than happy to introduce Foundation – 808 Drums (Affiliate Link). A collection of one-shot samples taken directly from a genuine 808, recorded with a basic all-analog signal chain to capture the character and charm of this legendary analog drum box.

During the recording process Blind Audio used an analog multi-distortion unit, both to boost the clean signal and to coax out some more aggressive sounds with saturation. The result is an authentic collection of sounds that range from clean & classic to dirty & oversaturated (and everything in between).

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Blind Audio - Foundation - 808 Drums 5

There was no further processing used during recording to ensure that the character of the original unit shines through. This minimal processing  means that these sounds are easy to bring into your own productions. Use your own effects and processing to sculpt them into the perfect fit for your style.

Blind AudioFour also included a few extras to get you started in Foundation – 808 Drums (Affiliate Link). You will find 5 fully featured Ableton Drum Racks (complete with macros & pre-setup effects chains), as well as 50 MIDI drum loops and their corresponding WAV loops.

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Blind Audio - Foundation - 808 Drums 6

Foundation – 808 Drums (Affiliate Link) is an essential companion for all producers, covering just about any electronic music genre that you can think of; House, Techno, Hip Hop, Pop, Trap, DNB, etc.

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