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New SINE Update Available

SINE Player version 1.0.5. It’s a stability update, and it resolves freezes and crashes that some people experienced recently in Logic. We’ve also added a number of other fixes, tweaks, and improvements.

SINE Version
SINE Version 1.0.5 2

SINE Player 1.0.5 resolves an issue leading to freezes and crashes in some sequencers, and brings some other fixes and tweaks.

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New Features

  • The Mic Remote will now show sound levels for all mic positions.

UI Improvements

  • The Library will now no longer refresh automatically and reset open folders while downloads are running.
  • If no instrument is loaded in the Articulation List, the Performance View will show a message to that effect.

Performance and Reliability Improvements

  • SINE wrongly assumed that all audio production would run on a sequencer’s audio thread(s). Turned out some do their own thing, and now SINE is ready for it. This fix solves the Logic Pro crashes and freezes reported, as well as stopping SINE from freezing when using Cubase’s “Freeze” feature. It also makes SINE work in Cakewalk again.
  • Fixed a crash when unloading a plugin instance while preloading was still running.
  • Fixed an issue where the host would freeze if started without an audio driver selected.
  • When overlapping notes while key switching, in some cases notes could hang. Now they will correctly stop.
  • When you had single articulations of an instrument loaded, and afterward installed additional mic positions of that instrument, existing projects would wrongly load all articulations of the instrument. Now they only load what was loaded previously.
  • When you dragged an instrument on top of an existing instrument, it would lose its MIDI channel assignment.
  • When importing existing content, in some cases a duplicate Series entry was created.
  • When two instruments were set to “Omni” MIDI channel and you adjusted the playable range of the 2nd instrument, it would not react to MIDI anymore.
  • If you try to delete a mic position that was already removed from your hard drive for whatever reason, SINE won’t crash anymore.
  • Some small edge cases with Polymap creation were improved. If you’ve had weird results with Polymaps in the past, try again and let us know any issues you come across!

Pricing and Availability

SINE Player 1.0.5 is available now.

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