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  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 17 September 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Prolost Beta

Tap into  Stu Maschwitz creation process for things that may or may not find their way to the Prolost Store. The emails come when they come, usually with an attached file or link. It could be some new Lightroom Profiles Stu is working on, or a new Apple Shortcut, or a work-in-progress After Effects preset. Whatever you download is yours to keep, even if it appears later on the Prolost Store as a paid product.

Prolost Beta By Prolost

As a member, you’re invited to reply to these emails with your bug reports, feature ideas, suggestions for new products, or any other kind of feedback.

Prolost Beta is a new subscription offering on the Prolost Store. It’s an occasional email from me containing a download or a link to something cool Stu is working on, that’s not quite ready to become a product yet. Or maybe ever. This will most often be Lightroom presets or profiles, After Effects presets, or Apple Shortcuts, but it could be just about anything.

If you’re here because of Lightroom presets, don’t worry, there will be some. Same with After Effects.

Prolost Beta is an opportunity to fold yourself into Stu’s creative process. I’m always tinkering with photography, filmmaking, and storytelling tools, and Stu found himself wishing he could share his works-in-progress with a small group of interested folks. You can reply to these emails and share your feedback directly with me. He welcome bug reports, feature ideas, suggestions for new products, or any other kind of feedback you may have. As a member, you have special access to both his procrasductivity and Stu’s implementitus.

Pricing and Availability

Prolost Beta is $2/month, or $20/year. In each email, you’ll receive a download link for something that could become a paid product on the Prolost Store, where items currently sell for between $11–$49 USD.

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