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ESC Neutronics for Omnisphere 2.6




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ESC’s Next Masterpiece has arrived! Behringer Neutron Samples in Omnisphere!

ESC Neutronics for Omnisphere 2 is the 5th library created by the amazing 14-strong European Sound Collective (ESC).

For this library, the team has sample patches they have created on their Behringer Neutron semi-modular analog synthesizers to make 125 new samples that were then used to make 197 new patches for Omnisphere 2.6. Every patch is also saved in Unify format PLUS there are 18 additional BONUS patches combining the awesome sounds of Unify with these patches to make Patches that are inspiring and only found when using Unify.

The programming and creative vision is spectacular!

The ESC is a very unique group – our team consists of 14 of the best Sound Designers in Europe. Many of them have their own Sound Design Businesses and sell their incredible works to customers around the world.
We’re blessed to have the creative vision from these programmers: Burny Huber, Henrik J. Larsen (JX3D), Tim Dale (TimDaleMusic), Jaap Visser (Triple Spiral Audio), Stephan Baer (Sonic Underworld), Fred Nongat (Subsonic Artz), Carl Lofgren (Plughugger), Anton Arnu (Anru Sounds), Frank Dierickx (CL Projects), DJ Henky Johannson, Wolfgang Stindl (Ikarus Sounds), Caxa, Marcel Krapels and Michael Muth.

197 Patches / 125 Neutron Samples for Omnisphere 2.6
All 197 Omnisphere Patches are
also included in Unify format  plus 18 BONUS Patches 
(215 Unify Patches)

Pricing and Availability

ESC Neutronics for Omnisphere 2 is on Sale for $29 until October 1st! Retail is $45.

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