How to Write Music in a Pandemic

  • By: David Hilowitz
  • Date: Friday, 18 September 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

How to Write Music in a Pandemic

When the quarantine first started, I had a lot of trouble motivating myself to write music. Gradually, I’ve been writing more and more, so I thought I would share the composing routine that’s worked for me.

My lockdown situation is pretty common in that I have a kid home from daycare. The result is that I have way less time to work with.

Here are my tips for writing music when you have limited time:
1. Make some time at the beginning or end of the day when you can work on music without being interrupted.
2. Force yourself to write for at least 20 mins a day even if you don’t want to.
3. Avoid situations that will cause you to become demoralized. In other words, simplify the process as much as possible and play to your strengths.
4. Make a spreadsheet so that you can track your progress.
5. Figure out what finishing a track looks like, and “finish” as often as possible.

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