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MAGIC TOY PIANO by Loops de la Crème

MAGIC TOY PIANO is a beautiful, inspiring Toy Piano library for Kontakt.

With superb stereo sampling, extra key-off samples, and up to 7 velocity layers, MAGIC TOY PIANO offers a perfect realistic toy piano with great playability.

A practical mixer with 9 extra sound layers lets you change the character of the piano and achieve unexpected sounds: Add body, bite, and sustain to the basic sound, or create fascinating sound combinations with synth pads, granular samples, or layers of noise.

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The library includes 38 presets that cover a full range of sounds: play varied realistic toy pianos, create unique expressive mallet instruments, discover characterful retro sounds, perform ultra-modern sound effects, or explore unheard cinematic sonic worlds.

  • Unique Toy Piano for Kontakt
  • Gorgeous Stereo Sound
  • Great realism with up to 7 velocity layers and key release samples
  • Additional synths, mallets, noises and granular samples
  • Intuitive mixer to quickly create unique sounds
  • Superb sound design features and presets
  • 38 Kontakt presets
  • 198 samples, stereo WAV, 24bit, 48kHz
  • 23 custom reverb Impulse Responses
  • Total size uncompressed: 740MB
  • full Kontakt 5.3+ required

Pricing and Availability

MAGIC TOY PIANO is available now – the list price: €32,- (+VAT for EU customers) – 50% INTRO OFFER (ends Oct 31st, 2020)

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