UNDRGRND Sounds – Classic Dub Techno

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 22 September 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

UNDRGRND Sounds – Classic Dub Techno

Take a trip through the input channel of a well-worn Space Echo into the dubbed-out world of Basic Channel, Maurizio, and Rhythm and Sound. Dub chords, raw saturated bass, thundering drums, and lots, lots of tape noise…

classic dub techno 1000x512 web
UNDRGRND Sounds - Classic Dub Techno 4

No expense has been spared in the recreation of this iconic corner stone of electronic music as we load up on multiple analogue sound sources and over 80+ custom Ableton Racks. Humming with the warmth of classic mixing desks and broken tape-machines, delve into the epic sonic-combination of classic dub and vintage techno!

UNDRGRND Sounds – Classic Dub Techno – Full Demo
UNDRGRND Sounds - Classic Dub Techno 5
UNDRGRND Sounds – Classic Dub Techno – Beats Demo

Drum Loops -> 137 rustic and relentless beat chargers dripping with noise, grit and sonic punch. Served at 124bpm with all constituent stems. 

UNDRGRND Sounds – Classic Dub Techno – Full Demo 2

Ableton Racks -> A show-stopping collection of custom Ableton instrument racks covering everything from beats to atmospheres and chords to bass making the most of Live’s powerful wavetable synthesizer and much more. 

Vintage Loops -> Nostalgia-inducing dub instrument loops recalling the musical experimentation of King-Tubby and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry in a context ideal for dub-techno.  

Bass Loops -> Chunky subs, distorted basslines and deep, dubby grooves guaranteed to kick for days. Key/tempo labelled at 124bpm and served with MIDI where possible. 

One Shots -> Dusty cuts, booming kicks, sizzling hi-hats and more beat-making goodies as well as a choice selection of melodic hits that come correct for dubby impacts!

Chord Loops -> The crowning element of classic dub techno, a painstakingly processed and programmed folder of harmonic chord ideas that have been filtered, delayed and reversed for that perfectly gritty, melancholic sound. 

Atmospheres -> Melodic beds and intriguing foley transformations in a vintage style. 

UNDRGRND Sounds – Classic Dub Techno – Melodics Demo

Noise Loops -> Snap, crackle and pop! All the noise and tape beds you can shape a mixing desk at. 

FX -> Dubby tape impacts, wavetable risers and downwards impact drop FX. All the arrangement aiding tools that you’re gonna need. 

Lead Loops -> Arresting and synthetic lead loops for a classic dubby sound! Served at 124bpm with MIDI where possible. 

classic dub techno 1400x800
UNDRGRND Sounds - Classic Dub Techno 6

Vocal Loops -> No dub-techno sample pack is complete without the haunting, disembodied and sometimes melodic vocal folder. All of the above contained within with just the right amount of audio processing, 100% royalty free as always

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