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Complex Oscillator Cs-L by Instruō & DPO by Make Noise




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Complex Oscillator Cs-L & DPO

We get asked this question all the time here at Signal Sounds so we decided to make a little video showing off some of the features and sounds of Cs-L & DPO.

Complex Oscillator Cs-L by Instruō & DPO by Make Noise 4

Cš-L is a dual voltage controlled oscillator. It takes the modern approach of dual primary oscillators and expands upon them. Each oscillator sports its own wavefolder, PWM output and wide range of classic waveforms. A four-quadrant multiplier stage allows for ring modulation as well as rectified and positive only amplitude modulation.

Instruō’s Cš-L is a dual voltage controlled oscillator available here.

DPO by Make Noise
Complex Oscillator Cs-L by Instruō & DPO by Make Noise 5

DPO (Dual Prismatic Oscillator) is a dual analog VCO with plenty of internal modualtion possibilities, FM, a wave multiplier and other timbral controls. The main idea of primary and modulation oscillators with internal FM is based on Buchla´s 259 oscillator. Voltage controlled analog dual oscillator for creating complex wave forms. The oscillators act as one modulation VCO and a primary VCO; both are audio oscillators with a triangle core. Waveforms are triangle (here: spike), sawtooth and sine for VCO A and sine and square for VCO B.

Make Noise´s lDPO (Dual Prismatic Oscillator) is available here.

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