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Loopmasters – Leo Wood – Drum & Bass Vocals Vol. 1




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Loopmasters – Leo Wood – Drum & Bass Vocals Vol. 1

Loopmasters are proud to present Leo Wood – Drum & Bass Vocals Vol. 1, a stunning selection of vocals from one of the finest talents to emerge from the UK dance music circuit.

Everything within is 100% royalty-free and ready to bring humanism and brilliance to your high-tempo creations.

Loopmasters – Leo Wood – Drum & Bass Vocals Vol. 1 5

Leo Wood is a songwriter and recording artist who explores the partnership between acoustic and electronic genres and is well known for releasing music in Drum and Bass and House.  Setting out her creative stall at the intersection of languidly tempered electronica-infused beats, bluesy melancholia, and soulful introspection.

Leo explores and integrates genres, breaking the rule book at every opportunity with a diverse flow of releases and collaborations.  

Her releases in Drum and Bass are alongside artists including Villem & Mcleod, Bcee, Phaction, the Vanguard project, and Dexcell.

Leo brings her classical training to the table and interprets the genres through the ears of a soul singer-songwriter. This delivers a unique take on the genre, creating a collaboration of beautifully produced beats and immersive lyricisms. 

Leo Salt Long
Loopmasters – Leo Wood – Drum & Bass Vocals Vol. 1 6
Leo Wood – Drum & Bass Vocals Vol. 1

Leo is also working with electronic bass producers in House / Tech to explore a whole other world of possibility.   Leo’s vocal style rolls instinctively into house music and this year she released ‘To Burn’ with Dennis Cruz on Defected Records.

From here exciting collaboration projects have sprung into existence with incredible House artists giving Leo a stunning platform to create music that blends Soul and House with powerful flavors of old folk and lyrical mysticism. 

Across 61 vocal loops, Leo brings together original themes and powerful hooks to create thoughtful vocals that can be enjoyed on and off the dance floor. The included loops will prove perfect for producers that fit anywhere the spectrum of drum & bass, from liquid right up to dark, clinical rollouts.

In detail, expect to find in Leo Wood – Drum & Bass Vocals Vol. 1 104 MB of content, with all audio recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 61 female vocal loops.

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