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Monster Sounds – Lyrical Neo Soul

Monster Sounds are proud to present Lyrical Neo Soul (Affiliate Link)! This impressive up-to-the-minute collection of modern soul and hip-hop vocals is packed with lyrical depth. Straight from the talented mind of fresh vocal talent Neo Hannan, this collection has been meticulously recorded and edited by Monster Sounds ready for you to inject straight into your DAW.

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The included vocals exude originality and capture perfectly a modern street soul sound. The pack is brimming with catchy, soulful hooks backed up with conscious lyrical hip hop bars, seamlessly integrating with auto-tune style effects in all the right places to further infuse the contemporary vibe. This collection boldly blurs the lines between hip-hop and soul.

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Flawless vocal delivery makes Lyrical Neo Soul (Affiliate Link) a perfect choice for producers eager for vocals in the modern soul, neo-soul and hip-hop arenas. Also covered are producers in other genres looking for something special to add flavour and humanism, working seamlessly with drum and bass, dubstep or even house tracks.

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The main body of the included content of Lyrical Neo Soul (Affiliate Link) is made up of 167 vocal files split across 6 full song ideas with verse raps and hooks and then 4 shorter more simple catchy hook ideas, all key and BPM tagged for ease of use. Tempos within roll out between 83-131 bpm.

The whole Lyrical Neo Soul (Affiliate Link) pack weighs in at a fully formed 883MB. With tempos ranging from 83-131BPM, there is plenty of scope in the pack for different musical moods and genres. Within the files are mixed sections for ease of use and also stems of each part including relevant backing vocals, Adlibs and double tracks so you have full control over the vocals in your productions.

Monster sounds always ensures the content is royalty free, expertly recorded, edited and produced to the highest standard, presenting the vocals to you at pristine studio quality 24-bit/44.1kHz, stereo wav

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In detail, expect to find in Lyrical Neo Soul (Affiliate Link) 473 MB of content, with all audio recorded at 24-bit/44.1kHz. There are 156 vocal audio files in total, broken down as 15 verse files, 37 rap files, 38 hook files, 2 harmony files, 45 Double track/BV files, 15 Adlib files and 4 wet effected files.

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