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Wonkystuff Matrix Mixer

In this video I’m introducing the first 3rd party module made for the AE Modular system, the mm33 matrix mixer from Wonkystuff. It’s a long video with introduction, build and explanation of various uses.

You can use the time cue below to skip to the sections that interest you:

01:04 DIY Build

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10:34 Patch 1 – Audio Feedback – Explanation

15:05 Patch 1 – Audio Feedback – Performance

20:05 Patch 2 – CV Mixing – Explanation

21:57 Patch 2 – CV Mixing – Performance

tangible waves produce the AE Modular synthesizer system which offers a true modular electronic instrument at an affordable expense. Join the wonderful and accommodating community on AE Modular Forum to discover more about AE Modular.

The first batch of the mm33 3×3 matrix mixer for AE Modular is now sold out, however we’ve just placed an order for PCBs for the next run, so they should be available again in a couple of weeks or so.

The module is available either pre-built or in kit form, because some people want plug-and-play, whilst others want the feeling of having made something (and there’s also a cost-saving which might be important!).

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