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“Texture” by Devious Machines Sale

Ever wanted to have bubbling-water track a keyboard part, or use an explosion to trigger a sequence of pitch-modulating aftershocks? “Texture” makes all this and more possible!

50% off “Texture” by Devious Machines – Normally €86 Now Only €43! 6

Part FX plugin, part-synth; Texture (Affiliate Link) synthesizes new layers that track the dynamics of your sound. Now in version 1.5, import any sample as a texture source, with full access to Texture’s powerful granular synthesis engine!

Want to “glue” your hi-hat’s transients by adding dynamic filtered noise? Or how about beefing up that kick drum by automatically adding a low sine wave? “Texture” makes this easy, intuitive, and fast.

  • Replace hi-hats and percussion parts with alternative sounds
  • Integrate sounds so they sound like they are part of the same ‘kit’
  • Build or enhance rising and falling sounds in electronic music and pop
  • Make sounds more ‘vintage’ by adding noise like tape hiss or vinyl crackle
  • Add exciting tails to percussion and drums where you might have previously used reverb, or looked for alternative samples
  • Add weight to sounds by synthesizing new bass frequencies
  • Use as an alternative to sampling layering, to change a sound’s character
50% off “Texture” by Devious Machines – Normally €86 Now Only €43! 7

What Is “Texture” & What Does It Do?

Texture is an effect plugin for your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). It listens to the volume of the audio you feed into it, then generates a new sound which matches the dynamics of your source.

You can use Texture to blend new layers into your sound, or even replace it entirely with a new sound, which matches the shape and rhythm of your source.

Texture has a variety of applications, ranging from subtle enhancement of sounds “in the mix” through to radical transformation and sound design. We expect that you’ll find all sorts of uses for it, many of which we haven’t thought of!

Texture 1200x160
50% off “Texture” by Devious Machines – Normally €86 Now Only €43! 8

New in Texture 1.5?

Texture 1.5 is a major update and allows you to use your own samples as sounds sources. It includes:

  • Sample loop playback
  • Two granular synthesis modes
  • Sample triggering
  • Repeating samples at regular intervals
  • It also includes spectrum displays on the EQs

Pricing and Availability

 Normally €86 – get Texture (Affiliate Link) at 50% off before it’s gone!

50% off “Texture” by Devious Machines – Normally €86 Now Only €43! 9

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