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HouseOfLoop – TECHNO CODE 2




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HouseOfLoop – TECHNO CODE 2

The TECHNO CODE Vol.2 (Affiliate Link) is the long-awaited second iteration of one of the best-selling sample packs in our collection. What makes this new volume special is the fact that it stays true to the same high standards, while also adding some new ideas and exciting sounds to the mix.

HouseOfLoop – TECHNO CODE 2 5

The pack features 20 drum loops, with the ability to select full loops, as well as versions with no kick, hat, percussion, and more. This is a great way to build the basics of a beat, while still enjoying the flexibility of tailoring each element of the drum kit to serve your creative vision.

HouseOfLoop – TECHNO CODE 2 6
HouseOfLoop – TECHNO CODE 2

You’ll also find dozens of high-quality one-shot samples, not to mention some beautiful pads, as well as some killer bass tones and one-shots. The synth shots are also excellent, bringing a nice analog flavor to the table and so much punch available on tap. The sounds featured in this sample pack are undoubtedly going to be a perfect addition to your production toolkit.

HouseOfLoop – TECHNO CODE 2 7

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