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After 9 years in the plugin game, Kush can finally say without exaggeration that, at least for one particular flavor of vintage compressors that clip beautifully, we have completely closed the Analog/Digital gap. SILIKA is not ‘close’, it’s not ‘different but just as good’. According to Kush, it’s ‘Sonically Identical’ to the types of hardware it’s modeled after.

SILIKA by Kush Audio The Orchestra Complete 2
Review of SILIKA - Dual Diode Compressor | Kush Audio 3


SILIKA is the prime Kush plugin to embrace Kush hardware Tweaker ‘tri-meter’ display. On the bottom of the plugin, you can choose whether the meter displays Input & Output (great for setting up initial levels and final level matching), Gain Reduction only (great for when you’re dialing in compression), or all three (great for those of us who work fast and don’t want to bother switching modes). Silika carries for its charm sound an exceptionally convoluted harmonic distortion generator.

Kush Audio Released SILIKA The Orchestra Complete 2
Review of SILIKA - Dual Diode Compressor | Kush Audio 4

According to Kush, this sounds exactly like and sometimes even better than analog competing products. With Silika, the audio company Kush Audio shows another milestone in its plug-in development. This compressor should be on the same level as a number of large hardware compressors.

SILIKA sonically really close to the types of hardware it’s modeled after. There are plenty of compression and saturation plugins available, many are excellent. listen to the demo and you will hear the Kush vintage sound now out of a plugin instead of hardware in your studio. SILIKA at $99 or part of the Kush subscription is a win.

Rating:  Five Out of Five Stars

My experience is that SILIKA sounds fantastic on a single track and can be used also on the mixmaster track. Compared to the existing Kush plugin SILIKA comes with entirely distinct harmonics and transient clipping character. Silika emphasizes low mids and there are not so many plugins who can do that as good as SILIKA. This is another top plugin with that soft c(k)ushy soft sexy tone. Give it a run on your percussion tracks the results are exceptionally good and add those vintage tonal characteristics.

SILIKA plugin is Kush’s killer-sounding compressor that closes the Analog/Digital notch for a distinct taste of wonderfully-clipping old compressor sound. Silika vibrates beautifully emotional.