World-renowned guitarist, Bumblefoot shows just how much can be done with the help of our Z-TONE tone-shaping technology. Using the Z-TONE Buffer Boost pedal, he transforms his clean tone with a few knob twists to give his guitar a bright and punchy boost.

“I started with the pedal bypassed. Added 50% boost, the guitar became bright & punchy… Then added JFET Z-TONE turned up towards ‘Bold’ and it totally filled in the middle – what a difference this pedal makes! (Livens up driven tones really well too).”

– Bumblefoot

Bumblefoot demonstrates Z-Tone Buffer Boost - clean sound 2

Z-TONE Buffer Boost takes your live rig to a new level, letting you shape the sound of your instrument with the input circuits from our award-winning AXE I/O interface. Change the tone & feel of your guitar or bass, buffer your tone to survive even the biggest pedalboard, kick in the boost and supercharge all your existing gear with a powerful new front-end.

Z-TONE Buffer Boost Features

• Active/Passive pickup selector
• PURE channel for transparent sound
• JFET channel adds warmth & harmonics
• Z-TONE variable impedance control creates a wide range of tones
• Buffers signal for longer pedalboards & cable runs
• Boost circuit adds volume & drive
• Alternate outs for mixers & PAs
• Ground lift switch eliminates buzz & hum