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Environments Bundle – Professionally Recorded Ambiences




Environments Bundle Professionally Recorded Ambiences

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Environments Bundle Sale

The 8GB bundle contains 347 sound files with metadata embedded and covers a wide range of useful sounds.

° 11 Libraries
° 347 WAV files with Metadata embedded
° 16 or 24 Bit / 48 kHz
° 8 GB


▪ Just Water
▪ Wind Turbines
▪ Abandoned Shelters
▪ Industrial Building
▪ Distant City Ambiences
▪ Urban Crows
▪ Office Building
▪ Berlin City Ambience
▪ Coffee Shop
▪ Factory Ambiences
▪ Wroclaw Impressions

Environments brings you the light versions of 11 bundled sound libraries from the Detunized catalog.

Pricing and Availability

Normally offered for 129.00 EUR Environments is now available for only 30.00 EUR. Add Environments to your cart and apply `environments´ at checkout.  Offer is valid until October 5th, 2020

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