Industrial Strength Label Sampler Vol. 5

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 1 October 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Industrial Strength Label Sampler Vol. 5

Oh it’s that time again. Industrial Strength Sampler 5. Nuff said.

Industrial Strength makes loads of packs in a wide range of styles. Sampler Vol.5 (Affiliate Link) Is a massive collection of handpicked sounds for you to check out. Hows do 20 sound. Yes, Industrial Strength included sounds from 20 packs across Industrial Strength vast collection. Giving you a taste of the big, enjoy.

image 3
Industrial Strength Label Sampler Vol. 5 2

You get with Sampler Vol.5 (Affiliate Link) 620 24 Bit Audio Files to mangle up, Sampler Vol.5 (Affiliate Link)weighs in at a whopping 1.16 Gb.

This industrial Strength Sampler is 100% License Free to use your way. Industrial Strength included: Future Bass, License Free Hip Hop Clips, Chip-tune Techno, Metal Kore, Barcelona Hard Techno, Broken Chicago Hard house. Hybrid Grinder, Lisbon Techno, Techno 128, e-Dub X-Breed, Mrotek Raw Loops, EBM V2.0, Clap Utility, Driven By Techno, Shades Of Hardcore, Massive X synth-wave Audio, Massive x DnB Audio and God-Zilla Hip Hop to round it off.

If you seek a mammoth Collation Sampler Vol.5 (Affiliate Link) of Industrial Strength sample packs from across the spectrum. Then Industrial Strength Sampler 5 is it. This pack can only be found on so head over and check it out. Just grab it and get your studio ready for action. It’s on.

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