Shape your own Perfect Plate by denise

Shape your perfect plate by taking control over character & movement, with the denise Perfect Plate and Perfect Plate XL plugins. The TXVerb™ technology that drives the Perfect Room – a plugin many engineers regard to be the best sounding natural reverb – is at the base of denise’s newest plugin: the Perfect Plate. The denise team believes that being able to take creative control over a plate reverb’s temper, character and movement gives you the ability to design your perfect plate reverb.

The denise Perfect Plate gives you control over 5 aspects to shape your plate sound. The plugin is great for users who simply require a lush and great sounding plate: Perfect Plate or Plate XL (Affiliate Link) is available now.

Perfect Plate Perfect Plate XL
denise's Perfect Plate & Perfect Plate XL 4

With these features you can create a lush and rich vintage vocal plate: dark sounding, with a long tail and slow dampening. Or the perfect big rock drum sound: bright, with a short tail and fast dampening. Get really creative by combining the reverb’s plate features with the two built-in effects: Use for example the detune to create a unique detuning effect similar to the one produced by analog tape devices, giving your reverb an extra vintage flavour.

Perfect Plate Highlights

denise's Perfect Plate & Perfect Plate XL 5

The XL version extends the sound design capabilities by adding an EQ graph, control of the damping slope and creative effects specifically tailored for this reverb.

Perfect Plate XL Highlights

perfect plate
denise's Perfect Plate & Perfect Plate XL 6

Pricing and Availability

Grab your copy of Perfect Plate or Plate XL (Affiliate Link) now for a limited introductory price of €39 ($38/£29/¥3,955) for the basic and €79 ($76/£56/¥8,013) for the XL until 6 November. Euro prices include vat, and both plugins are €49 and €99 at full price.