Deformed sequences and industopia for UVI Falcon.

Leap Into The Void release of the first batch of Quintessence Of Perverted Misrepresentation, containing 184 presets, representing two categories called “Atmoscapygem” and “Pulsatorium”.

Quintessence has the striking physical characteristic that it causes the expansion of the universe to speed up. Most forms of energy, such as matter or radiation, cause the expansion to slow down due to the attractive force of gravity. For quintessence, however, the gravitational force is repulsive.

The initial announcement stated 100+ presets… and then it grew into Behemoth. Each preset contains macro assignments for volume, mute, and amp envelope, as well as intricate macro assignments for vast amounts of morphing and coloring possibilities. Also, mod wheel (CC1) is assigned on all presets.

Pricing and Availability

First batch of 184 presets is available directly upon purchasing Quintessence Of Perverted Misrepresentation. A second batch will follow in due time.