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Sale on “The King 2” by W.A. Production

“The King 2” (Affiliate Link) is a Dynamically Enhanced Multi-Band Compression Plugin designed for Mastering.

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90% off “The King 2” by W.A. Production 4

It will quickly allow you to dial in an amazingly clear and professional sound that is perfect for EDM, Drum & Bass, Trance Music and much more!

A Dynamically Enhanced Multi-Band Compression Plugin For Mastering! With an easy to understand user interface and short learning curve you’ll be producing professional sounding tracks in no time at all!

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90% off “The King 2” by W.A. Production 5

“The King 2” Features

  • 5 Band Compressor
  • Built-in Limiter
  • Upward & Downward Compression
  • Time Knob
  • Magic EQ

5 Band Compressor

W.A. Production went above and beyond and rather than give you the standard 3 band EQ, they put 5 EQ controls at your fingertips. Now you have more control to master your mix. You can customize:

  • Low
  • Low Mid
  • Mid
  • Mid High
  • High

You are also able to adjust the amount of Threshold of each individual band as well as the Makeup gain of each individual band. This will give you an amazingly clear and professional sound that will please the ears of not only the producer but the listener.

The Mix Knob, As A Multi-Use Tool

You can use the Mix knob to toggle between hearing how much of the effect is being used and compare it to the dry mix. You can also use the Mix Knob as a parallel compressor by adding 30% of the effected sound to the mix.

Built-in Limiter

No need to use a third party limiter. Not only do we know what it’s like to have a slew of different effects open consuming your CPU or your rack space, but we know the better the organization, the more productive you can be.

With a simple flick of a switch the limiter keeps the master track, individual audio file or MIDI instrument from exceeding the 0dB mark. The 0dB mark, also referred to as “Unity Gain”, is the maximum peak of anything in a song. Anything above that will result in the dreaded “clipping”.

Upward & Downward Compression

These effects are two separate knobs on the interface of The King 2.

Adjusting either the Upward or Downward Compression knob will increase or decrease either compression. Both knobs default at 100 and are capable of dropping to 0 or being increased to 200.

Time Knob

Allows producers to adjust the attack and release time of the Upward and Downward Compression. It’s amazing how both of these compression options compliment the mix of the Multi-Band elements.

Magic EQ

The King 2’s Magic EQ is an amazing development that allows you to add EQ to anything being affected whether it be a master rack, individual audio file and or MIDI instrument. The Magic EQ has 3 different shapes/curves that are designed mainly for cleaning.

The 1st option is designed to clean up the muddy frequencies to give the affected element a cleaner sound. The 2nd and 3rd option on the Magic EQ is primarily meant for the master tracks of a project.

Designed to focus on cleaning up a wide variety of elements at one time. This means cleaning up the muddy frequencies and amplifying what it has polished clean. This will make your bright tones shine and sound crisper.

Input/Output Gain

A major factor in compression plugins is an Input Gain and an Output Gain option. These two options are extremely important based on what you are using The King 2 on. Say you have a MIDI Instrument and you need to judge how much of the instrument gains into The King 2, you would adjust the Input Gain knob, and to judge how much The King 2’s effects push out into the mix.

These features are important to understand and use, because they can bring the clarity of the effect and really show how amazing The King 2 is. W.A. Production really hope producers abuse this feature to really get that intense sound that The King 2 provides!

Pricing and Availability

“The King 2” (Affiliate Link) is available now.

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