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Epic Games awards Sound Particles with MegaGrant




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Epic Games awards Sound Particles with MegaGrant

Epic Games, the leading videogame company famous for the game Fortnite and the game engine Unreal, has offered Sound Particles a grant of $50 000 as part of their Epic MegaGrant program. This grant will streamline the integration of the 3D audio software application, capable of generating thousands of sounds in a virtual 3D audio world, with Unreal Engine’s ecosystem of forward-thinking tools.

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Epic Games awards Sound Particles with MegaGrant 4

The Epic MegaGrant program was created with the commitment to support a variety of creative industries and individuals who are doing amazing things with Unreal Engine. The grant will go toward supporting the advancement and continued success of Sound Particles software in combining CGI & audio techniques to create a new audio standard in the gaming world.

“We were delighted with the vote of confidence from Epic Games in our technology”, said Nuno Fonseca, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Sound Particles. “Regardless of the amount in question, it’s a recognition for the work we develop, and for the potential of our technology.”

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Epic Games awards Sound Particles with MegaGrant 5

About Sound Particles

With a vision to use the power of computer graphics applied to sound, Sound Particles is an audio software house based in Leiria, Portugal. Sound Particles was founded by Nuno Fonseca PhD, former Computer Science and Music Technology university professor, and now counts with a team of 18 people (17 in Portugal and 1 in the UK).

Sound Particles’ unique software, used by top video game companies and in major Hollywood studio productions such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars 9 and Frozen 2, allows sound artists to create breathtaking immersive soundscapes in innovative and efficient ways.

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