Shared System Tutorials – Where Do I Begin?

This is part one of my Shared System tutorial series. This series is designed for new owners, still unfamiliar with the millions of possibilities this system offers. They’ll not going to be technical nor difficult and they will address basic concepts of westcoast synthesis where everything is a bit different from using a voice, a filter and some effects. In this first part I’ll only use the two sinewaves from the DPO and a bit of echo and reverb.

Note: i do not own an original B&G optomix. My case is a collection of second hand B&G components because I started with an old silver CV-bus shared system. The markers on my Optomix panel are different from the original.

Jean Baptiste Fourier (18th century) proved that all repeating sounds are sums of one or more sinewaves, which is literally the foundation of additive synthesis. This also means it should be possible to create a huge amount of sounds with just sinewaves. DPO has two. Let’s find out what they can do on their own. In the next video I’ll introduce more modules and modulation, but we’ll take it one step at a time. Hope you like it. If you don’t, please share why not.

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