FlowerPower – Instruo #Scion

‘In the beginning, the Earth was empty, and God placed a little seed in the Earth. Then there was light, and from the Earth, a little green plant emerged. It grew strong and tall, and God called it Paradise’.

O.G. Purp (original from theTrickaz’ Cloud City, remix by Cinematic).

I bought the Instruo Scion a year ago. I was expecting you could just connect a plant to it, and then it would be able to play a modular all by itself. I did not expect it would need four separate voices to get the most out of it, so it kind of ended up in a drawer, occasionally using it as a random source. It turns out to be a very powerful and useful module for ambient music, but it needs a big case or system, and careful selection of sounds that mingle well. Or you just grab rings, plaits, and clouds, the ambient dream team.

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