Freebie for Omnisphere 2

This is a freebie with 12 presets and 10 sound sources from the Singularity soundset. All the sounds in the freebie can be heard in Steven Faile his demo Blue Sky High.

Singularity is a modern electronic and ambient soundset for Omnisphere 2. It includes 128 presets, 25 multis, and is constructed from 100 sound sources with also the use of some of the sound origins from Spectrasonics.

Triple Spiral Audios Singularity Freebie for Omnisphere 2
Triple Spiral Audio's Singularity Freebie for Omnisphere 2 2

Singularity contains a wide assortment of electronic, ambient, and also some innovative sounds.
The Omnisphere 2 soundset found its inspiration in the works of Jon Hopkins, Helios, Nils Frahm, Plaid and Telefon Tel Aviv

Pricing and Availability

Singularity as a free version is available now. The paid version is schedule for a later release.