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Interference – Playing with #Clouds saved buffers and the #Soma #Ether V2




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Interference – Playing with #Clouds saved buffers and the #Soma #Ether V2

This could be a ‘part 2’ in my Clouds only series, but I used two with preloaded freeze buffers this time. I knew Clouds or Beads could do this, but it took me over a year to actually use it and I had to look up the ‘save button combo’. Truly, this is the most groundbreaking eurorack module ever and it’s still breathtaking after all this time.

At the end of the video (05:22) I patched in the Soma Laboratories Ether V2 that picks up noise, hum and interference that’s all around us. Preparing a separate ‘field recording’ video with the Ether soon because my induction cooking plate makes some great music.

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