Total Nightmare | Milky Way

I was preparing a new set and needed a small stereo FX unit. I mounted my MilkyWay but then I noticed that the incoming stereo sound was mono. I was pretty sure it was stereo with the previous firmware. So I browsed the manual for words like ‘mono’ and ‘stereo’, but could not find anything. I reverted back to older firmware (the video also has a tip if you own a bitbox and have to update modules with WAV files), and the incoming sounds were stereo again – but the old firmware is a bit noisy and the pops between modes can be terribly loud.

So no stereo. I asked support at and the dear Andreas Zhukovsky himself pointed me to ‘Spacial movement’ in the read the f*cking manual. I noticed that before, but I obviously did not read carefully enough because the V3 version was stereo out of the box. I always assumed it had something to do with the FX and not with the incoming sound. I noticed that many Milky Way video’s use one input and even then the Spatial Movement can do wonders. Well, if you own one, make sure you check this out! More about Endorphin gear soon. It’s black, beautiful and pretty unique.

Note: i forgot to mention the two trimmers at the back of the module. They are set to modular level (CCW) so if you encounter noise from a module with modest output (like the BitBox I used), cranking up the volume may expose the internal noise from the ‘modest output module’. It is designed to patch an oscillator and they’re freaking loud (like Plaits I’ve used here). The trimmer also allows you to turn the trimmers to line level input (CW) if you wish – but I have no experience with that.