Child’s Play – Recreating a Ciat-Lonbarde vibe on a modular | Error Instruments CloudBusting

Over the last couple of days I’ve been diving into the wonderful world of Ciat-Lonbarde synths. It started when watching DivKid’s interview with Nathan Moody and I ended up with watching all Heinbach videos getting more and more impressed by the incredible designs of Peter (just) B and the warm and organic sounds of wood. I tried to figure out the official website, but I’ll try some more later.

The title ‘Child’s Play’ obviously refers to the CL’s look and feel, which reminds me of wooden toys and has nothing to do with the quality/sound of the synths. It also refers to my attempt to recreate the CL vibe on a modular with some help from two old Phonogenes and the CL inspired ‘Cloud Busting’ from Error Instruments (NL). It is not intended to recreate the sound, but I wanted to figure out how such a design could work, in this case, the Cocoquantus which has a pentagon oscillator, lots of modulation and two lo-fi delay lines. I am sure I’m oversimplifying the design but innovation comes with a lot of new ‘terms’ and I do not yet understand most of them.

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