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Shared Nature – Creeks, Crickets & Wind on the MakeNoise Shared System




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Shared Nature – Creeks, Crickets & Wind on the MakeNoise Shared System

For these patches to work, you’ll need Maths, WoggleBug, Tempi, DPO, Optomix, and Erbe-Verb. I created this video when I saw a post in the MakeNoise User Group on FB where Ryan Duncan asked if it was possible to create synthetic versions of ‘natural’ sounds on the Shared System. I’ve managed to create a creek, some crickets, and some wind.

Nothing to write home about (working from home anyway), but a fun challenge to change a simple sinewave into something that triggers the imagination. Even when you’re not into natural sounds, they provide great starting points for exploring new territory and alien worlds.

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