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Shared System Tutorials | Part 05 – Wogglebug




Shared System Tutorials Part 05 Wogglebug

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Shared System Tutorials – Wogglebug

This is a ‘getting started’ video so not all features are covered, it’s focusing more on the role it can play in a patch. The WoggleBug was orginally designed by Grant Richter from Wiard Synthesizer, but inspired by Buchla’s ‘source of uncertainty’ and finally reimagined by Tony Rolando as a tribute to both Grant & Don.

The Wogglebug adds random voltage to your patches, but with a musical twist and lots of interaction. But it also offers three voices that can be used as modulators for FM and AM synthesis – but they’re not the most ‘earfriendly’ voices you can imagine. I call them the three witches.

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