Shared System Tutorials – Rene

In this episode, we’re going to do a simple sequence with Rene V1 and V2. I had to skip to V2 even though I was hoping to show more of it. My Rene V1 isn’t working well, it’s a bit insensitive to my touch and it’s almost impossible to select a page. This is because my room is not grounded.

One could debate if it’s a malfunction, but it’s definitely worth considering when you encounter an older Shared or Cartesian system. V1 is fun, but V2 is better and it can handle ungrounded mains. However, V1 can do some cool stuff with pendulum direction, it has an MPC mode and very clever gate logic. So both my Rene’s are staying, and the V1 will get grounded mains in the future.
Have fun with this episode and see you soon with part 5 where we’re going to try and understand the Wogglebug. It can’t be done.

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