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After the 4000 E by A Past to Future here comes the most famous 4000 G console IR’s also produced by A Past to Future!

A Past to Future sampled the input channel and the Mix-buss of this amazing sounding Analog Mixing Console!

Place the channel IR as the first FX/Plug-in into your tracks and the Buss IR into your busses and stereo bus.

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You will hear how your mixes instantly become bigger, wider and you will get more depth to your mixes! For the best results, mix with these IR’s from the beginning. It changes the way you would eq and level the tracks.

If you have too many channels, we would recommend a Cab IR loader/player instead of a Convolution reverb plug-in to save CPU Power!

You will get 18 IR’s in this Pack.

  • 96 & 44,1 KHz Wav files
  • Sampled at 0db, +5db & +10db steps
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