Arbhar Harvesting Part 01

Hi all, Arbhar is my personal favorite module of 2020 so I am happy to show you how cool it is. Arbhar means ‘Corn’ or ‘Grain’ in Scottish Gaeilic so ‘harvesting’ has a nice ring. I am also a huge fan of granular synthesis, and – again personally – I feel it’s the most musical granular on the market.

So in this series, I am going to pick a sound module and harvest it – the process of extracting the fun out of every module and fill every bit of the buffers. Not sure which modules will be featured, but the next episode will feature Plaits (because of the huge amount of sounds it can make). I am also planning a chapter with the Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas and definitely the Manis. But this episode is dedicated to another favorite of mine, the discontinued MakeNoise Mysteron.

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