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Arbhar Harvesting – Part 02 | Moog Mother-32 | Arbhar Scan Mode




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Arbhar Harvesting – Part 02

It took me a while, but here’s part 02 of the ‘harvesting’ series. In this series I like to granulate a module and see what comes out. I’ve been trying Plaits and Plonk before, but the results weren’t good enough to publish, so they will be covered later. However, the Mother-32 turned out to be a great combo with Arbhar.

You can enable scan mode on the Arbhar by pressing both Shift+Capture and then twist the big scan knob back and forth until the gate button lights up. Same procedure to disable it. You can start a scan by pressing the gate button. It will automatically move through the buffer where you can vary speed with the big scan button.

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