Divisimate 1.2.1 Released

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 14 October 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Divisimate 1.2.1 – Realtime MIDI Divisi Engine

After the successful launch of version 1.2 Nextmidi went back to work in some user requests, fix some issues and make things prettier.

Divisimate is a standalone application for Mac and PC and is designed to work alongside the DAW of your choice. The software creates 32 virtual midi ports which you can select as input for any instrument in your sequencer. 

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When you set up a template, this allows Divisimate to address every instrument individually. Divisimate will then interpret your midi input and distribute parts across your template.

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In the Matrix you can assign each voice freely to the 32 output ports. You can also define a melody and a lower bass range on your keyboard which can be routed without being affected by the divisi engine. Every voice can be assigned to any port simultaneously, enabling the doubling of the same note in unison or octaves across multiple instruments. Midi CCs will be mirrored to all active ports.

Full Changelog

  • New: Voice buttons and routings will now be highlighted if they are playing
    New: If no MIDI Device is activated as an input, there is now an overlay message to make you aware of that fact
  • Fixed: Using two MIDI input devices in bypass mode no longer lead to hanging or dropped notes
    Fixed: Conflict cases in Bottom Up & Top Down mode no longer lead to repeated note tremolos
    Fixed: Divisi Mode bubble is now always displaying the correct mode after changing presets
    Fixed: If multiple voices are routed to the same port duplicates of controller data are no longer transmitted
    Fixed: Trigger Plugin will now display CC information correctly after loading a plugin preset
  • Improved: Stability for scrolling behavior on perform page
    Improved: Error prompts for activation now offer solutions to the most common problems
    Improved: Look and feel of popup dialogues has been unified and improved
    Improved: Some changes to the activation system to introduce new features in the future

The 1.2.1 update is available for download right now!

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