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Modus – Jeff Russo – Tensions, Transitions, and Colors




Orchestral Tools Modus

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Orchestral Tools: Modus—Jeff Russo 

Having the right tools makes the difference between getting a job done, and getting it exactly right. Modus—Jeff Russo offers a toolset that will inspire new ideas, and help you implement them quickly.

Modus—Jeff Russo
Modus – Jeff Russo – Tensions, Transitions, and Colors 5

Designed specifically for TV scoring and underscoring, Modus was commissioned by Emmy-award winning composer Jeff Russo for his work on Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard.

Jeff Russo is a composer based in LA. His TV scoring credentials are outstanding: Jeff won an Emmy for his composition on the Fargo series and has contributed the scores for Legion, Altered Carbon, The Umbrella Academy, and more. His movie scores incorporate Lucy in the Sky starring Natalie Portman, and Lizzie, starring Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevigny.

Create Tensions instant on-screen suspense: Build complex chords, overtone series, and clusters with a single key, using the mod wheel as a tension controller. Change scenes easily with Transitions: Custom-recorded transitions swell to a crescendo before switching mood with a new pitch or articulation. Indispensable for underscoring are the included Continuums: Carefully constructed pads shift through multiple layers and textures, creating space and atmosphere.

Alongside a playable shakuhachi flute and a Klingon choir, Modus—Jeff Russo offers a toolset that will inspire new ideas, and help you implement them quickly.

Perform tensions, transitions, and continuums easily in a variety of symphonic and choral flavors. And with a palette of unique instrumental colors, you can create sonic worlds that no-one has ever heard before.

Orchestral Tools Modus—Jeff Russo Pre Order
Modus – Jeff Russo – Tensions, Transitions, and Colors 6

21 instruments and ensembles

Create character: A wide selection of orchestral ensembles, choir, and percussion. Plus unique specialist patches, including a majestic shakuhachi, a choir singing in Klingon, and custom instrument blends designed by Jeff Russo.


A high D and a low A shakuhachi, both expertly played.

Vibes and Glock

A delicate ringing tone for, in Jeff’s words, “the sound of ʼtrek”.

Klingon choir

A male choir singing staccato and marcato, but with Klingon vowels.

Alto flutes and violas

One of several custom-built patches. Sounds great, saves time.

Pricing and Availability

Pre-order Modus now for €199 +VAT (regular price €349 +VAT), the pre-order offer ends Oct 28, 2020​

Modus Jeff Russo Tensions transitions and colors
Modus – Jeff Russo – Tensions, Transitions, and Colors 7

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