Arbhar, Morphagene, BitBox 3.0, Clouds, and Phonogene – Granular Synthesis Showdown

  • By: Cinematic Laboratory
  • Date: Thursday, 15 October 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

GrainStation | Granular Synthesis Showdown

Granular Synthesis is an excellent way to travel the tiny little gems that are covered inside and connecting sound. A ‘grain’ is a really small piece of a sound source, that can be stretched, pitched, reversed, and triggered. A ‘spray’ is a certain number of grains playing at once at a certain speed. True granular synthesis is also capable of picking these grains anywhere from the source (distribution). Longer grains can create new beds of sounds.

In this video I’ll use #Arbhar, #Clouds, #Morphagene, #BitBox & #Phonogene to explore the granular possibilities in Eurorack. Please check out videos about the Nebulae too, because I don’t have it so I can’t show it. But it’s also one worth considering. You’ll need to decide which one works best for the music you love most.

The ‘Cloud Busting’ from Error Instruments is the initial sound source for most parts of this video, it’s like a modular synth on its own.

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