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Mimeophon is unquestionably my preferred module in my rack. It’s not a standard delay, it’s a ‘stereo multi-zone color repeater’. So what’s the difference? Mimeophon works with 8 zones, where each zone captures your performance in a different time domain, and all zones affect each other. You can flange a sound or create complex modulated chorus effects, delays, echoes, and ever-evolving loops in a sliding window of 42 seconds. In this ‘long repeat’ you can layer sounds and loop patterns while keeping a relationship with a master clock.

You may have seen lots of videos about the Mimeophon already, but this one is about the Mime in its comfort zone, the Shared System and the Tape & Microsound Music Machine. But it will do wonders in your own case too.

Mimeophon is coded by Tom Erbe, who also did the Erbe-Verb and Echophon. If you’d need to compare Mimeophon to the older Echophon, I’d say the Mime is a fancy digital delay designer and the Echophon is a vintage tape echo with a feedback loop. So you could run the feedback loop through the Mime and back into the Echophon. That would be a fun experiment!

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